Celeste's Story & Mission

Celeste Rains-Turk specializes in helping Competitors make peace with food, their body and their goals using psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and her signature PTG Process™.

Throughout her time earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she focused her research, reports, and studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, and personal growth.

While studying, she became a sought after coach in the personal development world and went on to write a #1 Best-Selling Self-help book, ‘Believe your way to Badass’.

She then obtained her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to bring even greater support, knowledge, and education to competitors so they can receive even deeper help from someone who gets it and doesn't believe you have to stop competing to heal what mentally ails you. She is also a Licensed Associate Counselor.

​After experiencing the post-show blues herself, healing her own negative relationship with food and learning to love her body at every stage, Celeste made it her mission to help other competitors Build More than Just a Body.

She launched into the competition world with her podcast, ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ to have real, raw, and vulnerable conversations with IFBB Bikini Pros to show all competitors that even the most elite professionals have their ups and downs.

Celeste is passionate about changing the industry so that competitors can have fulfilling journeys both on prep and in the improvement season. She believes that by prioritizing the inner work and developing a healthy mindset, competitors can have a more fulfilling journey.

Celeste believes the mental side of this sport is key to establishing longevity in this sport, ending the yo-yoing from show to show, and establishing goals that span well beyond the stage.

Celeste is Known for Successfully Helping Other Competitors;

Find Balance Post-Show

Put an End to Overeating, Mindless Eating, Off-Plan Eating

Mend an unhealthy relationship with food (binging, overeating, over-restricting, avoidance, punishment, guilt, not knowing how to find a balance, etc.)

Understand and Overcome Mindless, Wild, Overwhelming Binge-like Sessions

Feel Comfortable & Confident in Your Body as You Begin to See it Grow and Change

Improve Your Body image (seeing your body differently than it really is and feeling like you look like a blown up balloon ALL the time)

Rewrite Your Identity and Goals for heading into Off-Season or a Prep to Capitalize on Your Current Programming

Embrace any New Season with Love, Acceptance, and Total Peace of Mind.

Listen to Your Body

Trust the Process Required in the Season of Growth

Move through self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and the mental blocks that keep you from having a successful prep

Find confidence in yourself and your abilities no matter what season you’re in

Celeste's Education & Achievements in a Nutshell:

National Certified Counselor

Licensed Associate Counselor

B.A. Psychology Notre Dame College. Magna Cum Laude

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2022). Summa Cum Laude

Associates of Science Degree with an emphasis on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Barton CC and Kansas State U)

Self-Love, Food Freedom, and Mindset Mentor

#1 Best-Selling Self-Help Author of 'Believe your way to Badass'

Host of the 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast

NPC Bikini Competitor

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

National Public Speaker

A Behind the Scenes Look at Celeste's Life as a Bikini Competitor and Coach:

At my first show I didn't place at all, I remember feeling so embarrassed standing at the side of the curtain and being pulled off stage like I wasn't worthy of being next to the girls with the trophies and medals despite all my work. I realized I had a horrible relationship with food and my body which was revealed to me post-show.

From Nov. 2015 on I made a decision that my mindset wouldn't be what held me back. I immersed myself into personal development, psychology, self-help, healing, mentorship, therapy, support, and all things inner work.

When I stepped back on stage in August 2018, I placed top 5 and then again in February I won my class of over 15 girls and placed top 3 in open. My mind supported me through a double peak week and drove my body into high gear earning me a National Qualification a week later. I had been prepping for 52 weeks, took some time to grow and came back in June with another top 5 placing. And again in September, top 5 again...My journey did not stop there. I competed through the tumultuous year of 2020 with cancellations and unpredictability but kept going and eventually stepped on the national stage for the first time. I have truly only just begun.

Success and persistence in this sport is no accident.

I couldn't have owned it on stage, killed it in the gym, stuck to my diet 100%, or pushed through all these long preps and big improvement seasons if I was constantly consumed with thoughts of food, comparing myself to other athletes, feeling disconnected from my goals, longing for a cheat meal, slacking on cardio, being okay with half-assing it in any way shape or form.

Without the identity of a champion, which can only be created by shedding the old identities that didn't serve me and focusing on my mindset day in and day out, I couldn't have had fulfilling experiences throughout my preps or improvement seasons enough to keep my head in the game.

Even the athletes I interview on my Podcast, 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' who have won top placings on the most prestigious stages like the Olympia and the Arnold as well as those who have won top tier shows, been in this sport for years, earn points, and/or fought their way to the top all attribute their success to their mindset.

We even have some IFBB Pros in this On-Demand Platform that you may recognize when you jump in to join us!

Needless to say, there are always going to be some competitors who win titles, points, championships, and trophies without doing any mindset work, but how long do they last? Most of them dwindle and disappear or go through so much that it isn't even fulfilling for them anymore. The worst is when they quit, it breaks my heart to see them quit over issues that can and could have been resolved with deep inner work.

The point is, I made this so that if you are in a pinch, don't know what to do, feel lost, can't stand the weight on your shoulders any longer, or just need the mental boost as an elite athlete, you will ALWAYS have a place to go to receive INSTANT support when you sign up to work with me or join my On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform.

I take mental health seriously, I know time is of the essence when you are facing an internal struggle, and you deserve a solution and support immediately.

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'Believe Your Way to Badass'

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Celeste's passion stems from her deep belief and certainty that everyone is worthy, deserving, and capable of feeling amazing about themselves, loving themselves, and being confident in owning who they are!

Celeste's coaching is done entirely online with the exception of her VIP 1:1 days and events and everything is all mobile friendly! She wanted to be able to provide this type of coaching to people everywhere as she knows it is what people need to achieve their results mentally and emotionally on a level of which the industry has not yet provided.

Getting in touch with Celeste: The best way is to email her at celeste.rainsturk@gmail.com or through social media. She is a believer in improving everyday so if there’s anything Celeste can do from her end to improve your experience, help you, or even if you have ideas to share, or questions to ask please let her know!

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