Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Journal Program for Competitors with 1:1 Coaching and Support

What if you could get to the root of where your negative relationship with food is coming from & release the urge to binge or restrict, the guilt you have, or the patterns that aren’t moving you closer to your goals?

Do you love food but find yourself thinking about it and obsessing over it so much that it takes over your life?

Are you filled with guilt?

Do you fear your all or nothing mentality?

Do you have an overwhelming desire and urge to binge only to be followed with extreme guilt and low self-esteem when you look in the mirror?

What if I told you in the matter of 5 weeks your relationship with food could be entirely transformed?

What if I told you I had a way for you to become so in tune with your body that the thoughts in your mind can’t control you?

What if I told you I could help you prevent a big binge session?

What If I told you that if you commit to my PTG process for even 2 weeks you’ll already have a greater understanding of the decisions you make, the guilt you have, and the way to overcome the negative feelings consuming you every day?

No matter if you are on prep or in your improvement season, this food freedom development and journaling program was built to help

It can be used in conjunction with ANY meal plan

It will deepen your self-awareness, strengthen your relationship with food and your body, and help you release guilt, understand your cravings, and feel completely empowered and in control with your decisions again?

Well, I can and this does.

5 weeks. That’s it

I won’t sugar coat this, you have to be willing to put in the work day in and day out just like you do with your training

If you’re interested, send me a message saying “food freedom” and I’ll get you the options for moving forward.

You deserve peace with food, you deserve peace in your mind, you deserve to be comfortable in your body

Most of all, you deserve better than this.

On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform for Competitors in Prep or in Improvement Season/Taking Time Off


Wish you had a place you could go to ease your mind, help you understand your struggle, and find a solution immediately?

INTRODUCING...The First & ONLY Online Platform for Competitors to Receive INSTANT Access to Support, Guidance, and Mentorship Based on a Mental Struggle they are Facing

As a competitor, your mindset is tested and challenged in new ways daily both in prep and during your improvement season. This platform was created for competitors like you to visit at ANY time to be given effective tools to immediately work through whatever it is they're struggling with at a competitor friendly price...

Post-Show Personal Development Program

Never Experience the Post-Show Blues Again

Are You a Bikini Competitor Currently in or Starting Your Off-Season and Anxious to Feel Comfortable in Your Body, Around Food, and with Your New Goals?


An unhealthy relationship with food (binging, overeating, over-restricting, avoidance, punishment, guilt, not knowing how to find a balance, etc.)?

● Body image (seeing your body differently than it really is and feeling like you look bloated ALL the time)?

● Feeling confident in your skin as you begin building muscle and getting your health back even when that means more fat begins to come back?

● Setting new goals and creating a new identity now that you are no longer on prep?

● Listening to Your Body and Trusting the Process Required in this Season of Growth?


Want to launch your own podcast and have your mission, voice, and ideas reach hundreds of thousands people worldwide?

Need help getting started, figuring out how to get your podcast up and running, host guests, grow organically and reach the market you love to serve?

I invite you to check out and apply for my Podcast with Purpose Program. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Many Coaches and teams who hire me do so because they want a mental health professional to provide psychoeducation, hands on support, and resources for their clientele to utilize to make the most out of their program. Often times coaches come to me to prevent low adherence to programs, improve adherence, provide mental & emotional support to their clients with a professional lens, and to educate their clients.

Whether you want an online 1 hour workshop, a pre-recorded presentation, multi-day online event, or an in-person workshop, I can work with you and your team to support them in getting their results through an improved mindset.

Topics range but I commonly speak on food relationship (binging, overeating, lack of adherence), body image (fear of scale, weight gain, adjusting to changes season to season or depending on the program changes, letting go of old identities or trauma connected to body image), goal setting, achievement, and habit development, emotional processing, communication (with loved ones or friends to support goals or set boundaries), and more!

You can review my CV to see a broad range of other topics I may be able to support your team with. Once you contact me with your idea, we will move forward with discussing how it works and pricing.

For example, a 1 hour workshop with full slideshow, guided exercises, and deliverables as well as a week of support and question answering 1 week post event is $150 unless you have been referred by another coach or team or have worked with me personally then I do it for $100.

I value your trust in me with your team and I do not work against or speak to your coaching protocols. My goal is to support your team in getting the most out of your program without sacrificing their mental health. Many coaches are worried about covering these topics or supporting clients with this because they are not sure how to. I have my bachelor's in Psychology, Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and as a competitor and fitness advocate myself you can expect I fully believe and support people pursuing their fitness goals and I want others to know they are empowered to do so without a negative relationship with food, their body or their goals. I have shared many insights on podcasts and in online publications, you can hear/read those

I have done work for many teams including but not limited to; The NPC Women's Workshop, Team Elite Physique, Off The Ground Strength Climbing Team, Team Fit With Me, Team Fitted Physiques, Project Mom, Boss Bodies, Team Bombshell, Team Empowered, Glam Girl Bikini Team, Lexie Maitland through Pro Physiques, Team Edge (prior to their transition to Fit & Fuego), and more.

I usually work on a referral basis after workshops but I also offer my services on an ongoing basis for teams whereby I join your coaching app or platform as a mentor and offer weekly check-ins as well as calls. Pricing for this service varies based on structure of your own offers as well as how you feel it would be best for your team. I also offer consulting with coaches where we look over current structure and I can provide feedback or insight on ways to improve it to support client mental health. Pricing varies for this as well.

Contact me to inquire and discuss your goals for your team and clients. I am happy to hop on a call to answer any questions and brainstorm as well.


Already have or read the #1 Best-Selling Book, 'Believe Your way to Badass'? Just bought it and want to follow along with a deep dive program or even expand on the work you have already done within the book?

When I launched the book I decided to create this 21 day program to help hold you accountable to completing the book, implementing the actions from the book, and really putting your 'Operation Badass' into play because I know how influential it can be to enact and experience real change in your life.

5 Coaching Workshops from Celeste for 4 Weeks + 1 BONUS Workshop

● Access to private support and coaching group

● Ability to ask personal coaching questions based on goals and needs

● INSTANT ACCESS to the membership portal with your first week of coaching

● ACTION TAKER BONUS INCLUDED: Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session with Celeste ($140 Value)

Not to mention, You have access for life!

1:1 Breakthrough Mindset Coaching Calls

● Release limiting beliefs

● Unlearn and Relearn Behavior and Thought Patterns

● Address Negative Emotions such as: Self-Doubt, Fear, Overwhelm, Anger, Anxiety, Guilt, Hurt, Sadness, Low Self-Esteem, Worth, Confidence, and anything you need to release to move forward

● Up-level in any area of your life with a new mindset

● Action Steps as well as direct guidance

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