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Being your True Self Consistently

July 12, 20222 min read


Sometimes people will judge, criticize, or separate from you.

Sometimes people will provide insightful feedback to apply.

Sometimes they will love everything about your soul & won’t be able to get enough.

Some will try to copy you because your authenticity is what they’re seeking & they’ve attributed external extensions of you to this.

You cannot pretend to not care what others think to some capacity because we are social creatures & to not care at all would be sociopathic in nature.

But you can learn to set boundaries with yourself & others, let go of expectations that you haven’t chosen for yourself, rebuild your filtration system that processes input from others & makes it judgment instead of just information to dissect, & slowly expose yourself to who you truly are to make peace with yourself.

Which can all feel a lot like “no longer caring” after letting fear or past experience or judgment keep you from this before.

We are ever evolving, so remaining open is necessary to seeing new pathways or changes to illicit a new response or commitment from ourselves.

Part of loving yourself & being at peace with yourself is a willingness to move away from stagnation.

To be in flow.

To accept who you are & what life is while making meaning & balancing presence with pursuit. It’s a removal of the “I am only this” or “I can only_” & other all or nothing mentalities & over generalizations that can make you feel like you’re in motion but really keep you spinning your wheels.

It’s a surrendering of sorts.

To be who you are is to be free of any & all definitions because who you are can vary based on what you’re doing, who you’re with, where you are literally & figuratively, & what your focus is.

It’s not about “finding” who you are or forcing this. It’s about really letting yourself be & knowing that if you’re honest, considerate of your values, mindful, & applying yourself then it’s likely “enough”.

I hope you feel empowered to embrace a bit more “you ness”.

Whether it’s a pair of socks that makes you smile, a joke you’ve been dying to tell, the party you’ve wanted to host…have fun honoring your soul & as always #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

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