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October 31, 20192 min read


💔Being consumed with how you look, if your fat is rolling over, if they noticed your legs jiggle when you walked

💔Questioning yourself at Parties, Dinners, & in Dressing Rooms

💔Lack / Fear of Intimacy & Pleasure

💔Covering Up in Your New Outfit When you Wish you could Just Own It for Once

💔Dieting Down or Eating Till You’re Sick

💔Avoiding Shopping At All Costs Despite Really Wishing You Could Wear that New Bikini

💔Saying No to Going Out or Spending Time with Loved Ones Because it Might Make you Ruin The Diet that is Meant to Solve all Your Problems

💔Following Diets, Trends, & Fads that Make you Feel Like a Constant Failure

💔Fishing for Approval & Validation from External Sources

💔Living A Lifestyle Led by Criteria & Standards to Meet more than Passion and Fulfillment

💔Treating Your Body like a Garbage Can & Ignoring all her Cues

💔Abusive / Toxic Relationships / Friendships

💔Constant Self-Consciousness that is so Distracting it Keeps you from Excelling in Everything you Have Dreamt of Doing

💔Making Numbers on a Scale more Significant to Your Worth than Your Unique Contribution to the world

💔Turning Food into a Game of Restriction, Gorging, Purging, or Morality

💔Lowered Confidence in Your Work

💔Comparing yourself to Other Bodies When you could be Connecting to your Own

💔Lashing Out on Loved Ones

💔Fear of Mirrors

💔Constantly Feeling Like You Are Never Enough

💔Self-Destructive Behaviors

💔Avoidance of Being Seen

💔Skipping out on Booking a Vacation Because you don’t want anyone to see you in a bathing suit or a tank top

💔Working out Excessively

💔Using Clothing as a Shield Rather than as Expression or Comfort

💔Constantly Readjusting Clothing

💔Feeling Like You Can’t be Happy or Satisfied


I am SO glad I found UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for my body & I want to share that with YOU🥰

Leave a ❤️ below if you’re ready to LOVE your body & put an end to these side effects once & for all

If I get enough I’ll do a FULL video series on body image, confidence, & acceptance

PS if you haven’t done my Killer Confidence Course yet, Contact me saying 'Killer Confidence' & I’ll give you free access😊💓

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