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Facing the Unknown

September 05, 20211 min read


Life's been wild the past few days! Moved to a whole new town! I am so excited for the adventure but definitely know I’ll miss home.

I think back on so many amazing memories with family and friends and how that community made such an impact on my life.

A huge part of my life for the last 8 years was in the gym in this pic.

I remember signing up and going in the day before the grand opening and being told I could do a workout!

It’s amazing how through all the changes of life, this gym was my constant.

But that’s true of anything we make a habit or a lifestyle.

And while I could go on and on about the incredible people at this gym, the memories, the moments, the preps, the lessons, meeting my love…what I'd really like to emphasize is that.

No matter what life throws at you, if you have routine and community or a sense of purpose, you’re going to always have a place for peace.

This same place can also be found in your mind.

Using time to your advantage and choosing what will or won’t be a priority every single day.

It’s not about sacrifice, although it can feel that way sometimes, it’s about choice and knowing that even if the choice you’re making doesn’t feel as exciting or enticing or is scary or leads to a questionable or inconclusive outcome, it’s still the next best step.

I always encourage myself and clients, when facing the unknown or having overwhelm about decisions, that this is ALL an experiment, we make a choice, we learn, we modify variables, and we either try again and again and keep researching in new ways or we just come to a conclusion.

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