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April 08, 20176 min read


*in this blog I also share 5 steps to moving into forgiveness or releasing any heavy emotions to find more freedom and peace within yourself that allows you to move through life in love*
Something I have had to come to realize is that forgiveness does not equal obligation.
I used to struggle to forgive anyone because I felt like if I did then I was obligated to be their friend or love them or want to spend time with them.

Because I was reluctant to forgive I would then hold a lot of negative, heavy, and limiting energy withing me.

I recently read a quote from Buddha which inspired me to share my trials with you all which is;
"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of harming another; you end up getting burned.”

It is amazing how much we hold onto things because of the fear of letting it go or unleashing it or even truly allowing ourselves to feel a certain way.

I just recently learned the power of truly forgiving and moving on.

I have never believed in the whole 'forgive and forget' as I don't believe forgetting something is an active process but rather one that is done passively like when you accidentally forget someone's birthday.

I think it is important to forgive when you are READY not when you feel like you HAVE to.

You know when you used to be told as a kid to 'say you're sorry' and it NEVER felt good and almost seemed to create MORE resentment and negative energy between you and the other person?

Yeeah, that's why we should forgive when we are truly ready to, even with ourselves.

Imagine if you never let go of the heavy energy that was brought onto you by bad experiences or other people, your vessel for life and of life would have very little capacity to attract anything positive.

About a week ago I asked myself if I truly knew what the energy of forgiveness felt like. Yes, a week ago.

I have been forgiven by others thankfully people who truly love me unconditionally, and I have forgiven others too.

But, I was asked recently to get into the state of forgiveness and love and I struggled to do this.

Usually we can't get into this place because we fear a LOT of things revolving around the person we need to forgive like;
--they won't learn their lesson
--they will do it to more people
--they will think they can treat me like this
etc, etc.

So we tell ourselves these stories and in a way we are subconsciously punishing them, almost like a subconscious revenge in well 'if I don't forgive them then they are trapped by this and won't do it' rather than 'if I do forgive them then I hope they see their wrongdoing and learn on their own time'

There's a massive difference in life when we approach it from love and hate.

Sometimes, hate reveals itself first. Mostly because are minds are wired to multiply negativity as a protection mechanism for us so we act strongly against it.

I recently learned some steps one can take in forgiving another person and I will be honest, a lot of it did NOT resonate with me. I have never really been one to seek physical revenge through pain or hurt like getting 'even' or 'payback'

I want to share some steps I take and also some I learned that resonate with me and which I have used before:
-do not hide from the way you feel
-do not belittle the way you feel
-do not bash yourself for feeling a certain way
-do not blame yourself
-it is okay, it is necessary
-feeling is healing

2. Take the time you need, not the time you think you should need. 
-do not rush yourself to conclusions or decisions
-do not force yourself to say something or do something
-do not allow your ego or fear to run you and tell you you have had enough feeling or enough time to decide. You do what you need to do when you are ready.

3. Find Support in a way which feels best to you. I will give some examples:
-faith (you don't need to have religion or beliefs or anything if this doesn't feel right to you--for me I turn to my core beliefs, universal laws, and the spiritual practices like meditation or earthing)
-therapist (I loved having a therapist)

4. Learn the lesson. Why did you go through this? What is there to learn from it?
-do what you need to do to seek the answers you need from this. it all happens for a reason right? find out why you needed to go through this.

5. Movement. 
-lifting (this is particularly good for scientific reasons of release, I can expand on this is in another blog)

There are a lot of ways in which we can seek the freedom and the release we need from negative emotions and energy. This is not just for forgiveness but for all things which may feel heavy or unbearable at times.
The key is to never FORCE or PUSH yourself into certain feelings or emotions but to rather FEEL yourself into and through them.

In forgiveness there is love and this love is self-love.

I am opening up 5 spots to work with me 1:1 to develop more self love and heal your relationship with yourself. This is something I offer year round but to only 5 people at a time as it is intensive work.

You and me, 1:1 going all in, every week, and even daily to discover what is holding you back, what needs to be released, and what needs to occur for you to have a better relationship with yourself.

How it works: 
-One phone call per week (recorded for your benefit to save and use in the future and to replay and learn more) 
-Daily access to me 24/7 to ask me anything, lean on me for support, share your wins, or seek further counsel. 
-Month to month we go until there is a result or until you feel ready to continue on your own <3 I am committed to the result

-Access to my VIP Membership site 
-Access to my Facebook Support Group

Everything which occurs outside of us is a direct reflection of what is happening within ourselves.

Take some time to ask yourself, if I were to truly allow myself to love myself unconditionally and fully, how would all areas of my life be different.?

Message me now if you are interested in 1 of the 5 spots.

This is for you if you are serious and committed to growing the relationship you have with yourself.

Looking forward to working with you.

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