The Real Magic Pill No One Wants to Swallow

May 29, 20201 min read


You know that one trend going around that’s something along the lines of “____ is the magic pill no one wants to swallow?”

Usually the blank is filled in with things like: “a caloric overload...consistency...”

What if self-love, deep inner work, healing, body acceptance, mindfulness, & mindset was actually the magic pill that no one wants to swallow?

No physical act matters if the mind isn’t aligned with it

It’ll eventually lead to self-sabotage, reverting back to old ways, unsustainable effort, or some other negative behavior that equates to the results not coming or not staying

Anyone can commit to a physical act but only those who truly believe in the act, themselves, and the reasoning for it usually end up committing to it long term

The inner work is what makes the difference in you just doing something or you becoming the someone who does those things over and over and over again

It’s not at all about what you “need” or “should” do. It’s really about who you must become and whether or not that’s a version of you you really feel good about

When we love ourselves, we are more likely to express that love to ourselves through our actions and behaviors

I believe a healthy mind is the prerequisite to sustainable physical results

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts

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