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When Given a Reason to Quit; Will you Choose to Persist?

March 13, 20201 min read


We just keep moving forward! No matter what!

There will always be adversities to overcome, unknowns, and feelings to address

But I know in my heart that regardless of what happens I can say I’ve given and am giving my all

Some shows have been cancelled which is sad for so many reasons that even if i mentioned some it likely wouldn’t do justice to the feelings many impacted feel

So I’ll talk to what I love the most; the bright side

I see this as an opportunity for athletes, myself included, to dig even deeper and say “this is for me so no matter what happens I can still do this for me!”
Some will quit when they are given a reason to, others will persist

I’m choosing to persist and take each day on as it comes

We have to do what’s best for us and the long term game, especially in this sport!

WE got this fam
Ps if you’ve been listening to Confessions of a Bikini Pro Podcast and love it, I’m doing a special episode to celebrate 100 episodes!

Please call the podcast phone number: 424 262 2277

and leave a voicemail sharing how you listen to it or what you love about it or how it’s impacted your life or even a message for an athlete that’s been on!

Whatever positive you want to share about the podcast is welcome and may just be featured on a special episode if I get enough submissions!

It’s just something fun I thought I’d try as celebrating 100 episodes is really me celebrating you, my listeners! 

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