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When work and Play are one in the Same

August 18, 20222 min read


I love my life so much. I work so damn hard to live a life that is meaningful and purposeful to me

I couldn’t be more grateful to be doing what I love every day

I always envisioned the life I’m living now and being present in it and truly soaking it in while continuously releasing what doesn’t serve me and being open to possibilities is so amazing to me

I recall standing in my dads office at 9 years old holding a document I just drafted up that was a contract for an organization and interior design project I was going to do for he and my mom

They were my first clients for “design by celeste” and I drafted a contract with expectations that we would both sign

I always told my family I only ever wanted to do work I love and my dad would always say something along the lines of: working to do what you love is an awesome way to live but if you can do what you love and it affords you a life you love then you really got it

I have always been inspired by that and I know this will never change about me

Every day is worth the effort in everything I do because everything I commit to is a choice

From bodybuilding to business to people

I choose my values of freedom, impact, and love

The mission is to always #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

I hope you wake up empowered to pursue your goals and dreams and stop at nothing when doing so

Every difficulty is truly there to serve you in the strength required for the level you’re seeking to reach next

I have suffered many losses, trials, errors, struggles, expenses, difficulties etc

None could stop me

Because when you are committed to a goal or a dream, you will always find a way

And the more invested you are, the less likely it is that you’ll be vulnerable to anything that could rob you of your potential

❤️ 👏🏻keep going👏🏻❤️

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