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1 Thing You Can Do Everyday to Develop Unconditional Love for Yourself

January 18, 20192 min read


When we are choosing to be vulnerable and can still love ourselves...

That is when it becomes easier and easier to have unconditional love for ourselves!

It’s like any muscle!

We have to be willing to work it, feel the burn & trust the pain in the process of growth!

Today I challenge you to get OUT of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there.

Do the things you think might be “too much”

Let who you really are shine today.

Not only because this is such a great way to increase your self-love and acceptance

But also because the world deserves nothing less than all of YOU and you deserve nothing less than the feeling of being 100% authentically YOU!

It can bring you some amazing new friends, connections, or ideas

but it will also help you weed out those in your current environment that no longer serve your growth.

What will you commit to doing today that may be a bit more of putting yourself out there?

Maybe actually wear the socks you love but think others might thing are crazy

Or it could be going to a local class or activity alone because you love it

Today could be the day you post that picture you thought was not “good enough” for the gram even though you look sooo happy, sexy, or at peace!

You know what to do, let the limiting beliefs be passing thoughts and go get it done!

Lots of love to you all! Can’t wait to hear how you stepped out of your comfort zone!

For me I went out the other night. I never do that!

I tend to get a little social anxiety tbh that makes me want to crawl back under a blanket but I’m always fine once I arrive!

And it was soo fun even though I ‘went alone’ it was so awesome to connect with others i knew who were there and meet new faces!

If you are looking for more ways you can love yourself, I added a button to the list of links when you click HERE for a free, cute, printable for 18 ways to love yourself!

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