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3 Habits that Have Helped me Run my Business while Being a Full-Time Student & Competitor

September 09, 20212 min read


1. Know your timeline
- If you have a big project, map out the little tasks required to complete the big project & how much time each task will take to complete, then plan accordingly into your calendar & planner.

This has helped me to never miss school assignments even through competition weekends, moves, & terrible times in my personal life.

I’ve never asked for an extension because the work has to get done anyways, so being prepared to do it with a schedule & routine will help you even through tough times.

2. Use your Phone for Accountability rather than Distraction
- Let your alarm, airplane mode, & do not disturb be your friend
- When you have an important task to knock out set a timer & stop the task when it goes off-race the clock while maintaining quality
- If you’re thinking of other things you’d like to be doing instead it’s motivating to know you can’t do x until you either beat the timer or the timer goes off.

Even if you’re in a funk, dedicate your time. If you make excuses to not do something bc it’s hard, it really only gets harder.

Even if that 30-60 min was not what I expected it would be, I’d often find that the time spent brainstorming led me to other great ideas.

3. Be Conscious of your Energy Investment
-To preface, I’m still working on this one.
- just because we can spend 10 hours straight doing something doesn’t always mean we should.
- It’s important to know your threshold for quality work.
- I’m really good at this when it comes to my clients. I set aside the time necessary to give them the attention they deserve. But when it comes to other tasks like prepping a podcast or doing my follow ups or redoing a part of my site or creating content or reading for school, I can tend to get into a keep going mentality that actually sets me back the next day because 15 hours of work might be satisfying but not if it leads to only 2 the next day & less overall productivity.

Don’t forget the people in your life who keep you grounded too! I’m grateful to have many people who support my flight but also help me know when to “land”.

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