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3 Statements Creating the Narrative of Your Life (and how to leverage them in your favor)

May 11, 20203 min read



When you say things like "I have an eating disorder", "I am an all or nothing person", "I always let myself down" you are not just identifying are attaching yourself to them

I notice that the people in life who identify with their problems always have a harder time moving through them

Not because they don't want to change them, but because it has become part of them

When you detach yourself from the negative experiences you have had or are having, you can exercise more power and control over them

I see so many people continuously and endlessly attribute setbacks, downfalls, and failures to it being 'the way they are'

We have to be careful with what we identify with

I love to write and speak statements that are positive and I encourage you to do the same. So I made this easy template with 3 statements to support you in making the change

I am
I have
I always

Instead of: 'I am a binge eater'

You might try: 'I am committed to finding support and implementing new tools to work on my relationship with food'

Instead of: 'I am not allowed to have this or do that'
You could say: 'I am someone who chooses this because of that'

Instead of: 'I have such ugly legs'

You might try: 'I have legs that allow me to climb my favorite mountains and walk alongside my loved ones'

Instead of ' I have really bad anxiety'

You might consider: 'I have strong emotions and I use them to my advantage. I have the power to identify when emotions are starting to flood my mind. I have the ability to move through, learn from, and appreciate them because I have done it before'

Instead of 'I always let others down'

You might try 'I always show up for myself and others and I always do the best I can with what I have'

Instead of: 'I always feel so guilty for going off my plan'

You might choose 'I always nourish myself mindfully with consideration for my identity, goals, and needs. I always make the best decisions because I am always bringing a heightened level awareness to the areas of my life I am committed to improving'

What you write, speak, say, and choose to believe has so much more power over you

This week I challenge you to turn on a 'repeat radar' to start noticing those automatic, repetitive, and consistent statements you make and how they may be serving or limiting you

It is easier to keep the problems in your head than to detach and go head to head with them

Are you up for this?

Are you willing to go head to head with the problems you experience and finally face them?

Are you ready to experience a life where you are not the problem but rather the experiencer of problems that you have the power to resolve?

Do you already have some in mind that you are tired of identifying with and letting rule your life?

Let's move through this together and rewrite your story!

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