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4 of the Things I’ve Learned in 2020

September 15, 20201 min read


1. Even if your best is not better than the rest, it’s still your best and worth celebrating for your own improvements & the opportunity to stand next to others and see what needs to be done to do even better

2. Life can change really fast, take advantage of time with people you love whilst catching the darts that get thrown at you along the way

3. Waiting for opportunities is only a result of limited belief in the value We bring to the table, I’m taking more time to own what I bring and reach out for those things I want & that align with my vision

4. I’m also learning how to better express love and appreciation or kudos to other women in hopes I can make them feel the way they’ve made me feel—empowered, supported, seen, and appreciated. Thank you guys for always cheering for me!

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