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5 Random Questions for my Fellow Competitors:

November 23, 20211 min read

5 Random Questions for my Fellow Competitors:

1) what is your favorite meal?
2) what is your go-to cardio?
3) what is your favorite exercise for shoulders, for glutes, and for hams?
4) do you have a suit color you wish you could rock on stage but don’t ever plan to?
5) would you rather win a show knowing you didn’t do your best or do your best but not win a show?

Would love to hear your answers to all or some of these questions! I think it would be fun!

This pic is a throwback to last years @sampsonproductions ace of stage show! This is one of my fav front shots and it was taken by the legend @aroundthenpc_jm

@protan_official DIY done here! Use code “celeste” for a discount.

Rocking a @poselikepro @ingridromero1 bikini of course🥰


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