5 Simple Mindful Eating Practices You Can Try Today

September 29, 20201 min read


Ever heard of mindful eating?

In order to truly tap into that it means we have to be aware which requires us to be conscious of our actions and decisions Unconscious eating can lead us to experiencing patterns of over eating, binge eating, and of course, mindless eating

I even hosted a full workshop on the topic that you can get immediate & free access to at

You have ever:
➡️eaten so much that you wondered how you didn't feel full sooner
➡️felt unsatisfied after a meal
➡️lost your appetite or interest in eating
➡️find yourself disconnected from the food you eat & only focused on numbers or getting the food down

Then these practices may be especially helpful in raising your consciousness at every meal so you can start eating more mindfully I want to know how these work for you so when you practice them let me know!

Don’t forget to go through the free replay of the workshop I hosted at that will give you a full deep dive into ways you can strengthen trust with yourself around food and other considerations for overcoming mindless eating

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