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5 Ways to Place Mental Emphasis on a Physical Plan

July 27, 20212 min read


1. Take note of the benefits every food on your plan or every food you choose to meet your macros does for you. This will help you come off of autopilot and helps you utilize gratitude for greater connection to the plan. It also will help reinforce the importance of what you eat outside of physique changes or because someone told you to

2. Satisfy your emotional well-being by taking 5 minutes before and after each workout to check in with how you are feeling. This can help bring focus into your body and into the present which may aid in your focus during the workout and when you check in with yourself after you can take note of any differences. If you feel better, yay! If you feel meh, you know you need to go process or cope with whatever is happening or reset in a new way

3. Use an affirmation to count reps. For example, if you want to become an IFBB pro and you have 12 reps to complete you could say IFBB 3x and know you’ve completed your set with even more intention! Even just for one set a workout could change how you execute :)

4. Feeling resistance to a plan change? Use this as an opportunity to shift how you think about your body. Try recognizing yourself for how capable you must be for your coach to give you a more intense program rather than saying something like my coach must not think I’ll be ready or it’s because I didn’t drop weight or because I’m not muscular enough or if it changes and you think I’m not strong enough or they think I’m weak etc any of those limiting beliefs reframe them into positive statements about what you’re capable of or how you’re progressing or what your body is prepared to do!

5. For every session, meal, posing practice etc that you complete, acknowledge yourself with celebration to reinforce you doing what you say you’re going to do so if anytime in the future you question your ability it is not overpowering doubt and you have a list of ways you’ve followed through before!


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