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9 Month Difference; Being Proud of Yourself in Every Season

January 03, 20202 min read

Me n me doin our thing just 9 months apart (April 3, 2019 to January 3, 2020) 

It’s been a long off season focusing on health and growth but I started a pre-prep mode off season program with my coaches summertime last year and we’ve been workin at it ever since

Not racing to the finish line but I will say, when we compare this April 3rd from 2019 to April 3rd of 2020, it’s gunna be even more epic ;)

I am very proud of myself in both these frames because I remember in April just being happy to be lifting heavier and having a period and being able to see visible muscle gains despite the fat I had gained too from making conscious (and at times very scary) efforts to restore my cycle

Today I’m proud of myself because I never gave up on me. I always trusted in the process and in what my body and mind needed and here we are, reaping the reward of patience and self love Loving yourself in every season isn’t a froofy way of making you feel good; it’s about genuinely taking care of what you and your body needs and allowing positive energy to be what drives you

Especially when things become challenging or don’t go “as planned”

External motivation will dwindle and fade, so chasing the stage isn’t going to sustain your efforts

Only intrinsic motivation can create the level of results and consistency you’re looking for long term And it helps if you actually love the process ;)

Need support finding your inner why and feeling love and pride for your body in every phase regardless of circumstance?

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Celeste Rains-Turk

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