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A Thank You Letter for My Body

February 08, 20201 min read


Thank you body for supporting me in my endeavors every day

Thank you for allowing me to hug, high five, and shake hands

Thank you for allowing me to walk, run, and do silly things

Thank you for breaking down the food I give you into nourishment for every cell and function of yours for the function of me

Thank you for communicating to me when I need to rest, recover, and let my energy out

Thank you for doing your best for me even when I wasn’t doing my best for you

Thank you for responding with my effort, goals, and needs

Thank you for providing my soul such a strong and unique home

I love you so much body, thank you for all of the above and more 🙂

—letter for my body and yours--

Our body is the one thing that is 100000% ours and works every day to support and serve us unconditionally

Even when we don’t take care of our body she looks out for us!

The more I acknowledge my body for supporting me in the goals I have; the more I feel connected to her and empowered to make more mindful loving choices

What can you love and appreciate your body for today?


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