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Accepting Your Body in ALL Shapes

July 16, 20192 min read

Accepting Your Body in ALL Shapes

You’re not always going to look “stage ready” or “prep lean” or sometimes even the way you want to or hoped you would

BUT can you still accept your body and love yourself anyways?

I’ve been leaner & hated how I looked

I’ve been leaner & loved how I looked

I’ve had more fat & loved how I looked & hated it

I’ve seen my body super lean & ready to step on stage & have loved that look

I’ve also seen my body super flat & deflated looking

All this & I now really know how to love & accept her

From alllllll of these phases & changes over the years I’ve learned that it’s easy to go back & forth

Love for your body
Loathe for your body

Even in the same day!

& what it usually comes down to is how you treat your body, talk to and about yourself, and how you’re living

I snapped this picture this morning, on vacation celebrating my graduation & living life

I’m working out every morning with bands & body weight & loving it

& we are so active here in the mountains and exploring!

I felt so good this morning after my leg workout so I took this pic. I’m obviously super happy

Not even because it’s “the best I’ve ever looked” or “better than usual” but literally because it’s my body, we did an amazing workout & I thought I looked awesome

I love my body now, & I’ll continue to throughout the remainder of my building & soon into cutting

But I don’t do any of this for the look as much as I do for the love of the sport & what this lifestyle brings my brain & my overall sense of self

I am so committed to helping other competitors who have been in the battle or are battling with their body image

I have girls messaging me daily about their relationship with their body, food, & their goals

Post-show, prep, taking a break, thinking about competing ALL of it

& I LOVE it

It’s truly my passion work

So I’m hosting a FREE* event in San Diego on October 12, 2019 for bikini competitors who want to make peace with food, their body, & their goals as well as develop the mindset required as an athlete in a physique based sport

I have 7 spots left (forreal), if you’re interested in coming & want more info Email me with subject line 'event' now!

*$35 to reserve seat will be given back to you when you arrive 😍

Celeste Rains-Turk

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