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Appreciating your Body in All Stages

September 14, 20212 min read


Are we not to celebrate the body getting us to our goals the same way we celebrate the body that has “achieved” those goals?

No matter what season you’re in, your body is amazing! Believe in your ability to be & bring your best every day!

To my current body, thank you for:
- having normal hormones so I can have a healthy menstrual cycle, balanced moods, & to recover
- giving me even better hunger & fullness cues
- a fuller booty to fill out pants
- letting me sleep through the night
- giving me some extra cushion when I sit down
- processing more food so I can lift heavier and build the muscle I need
- having consistent digestion and energy

To my body then, thank you for:
- the endurance to run 5-8 miles nearly every day
- making all clothing more comfortable
- reminding me that I need food to live and function
- sustaining me at the right times each day for work and workouts
- making me sleep when I’m sleepy
- making my hunger cues especially more noticeable

To both, thank you for
- giving me the peace of mind to know you’re responding to the plan- even if sometimes I question the way you respond
- helping me push through workouts or long days
- carrying me through challenging and amazing times
- letting me experience life
- giving me what I need to do every day tasks without 2nd thought
- showing me unconditional love by doing the best you can with what I provide you
- teaching me more about you through bodybuilding

I am certainly not perfect in either body because I do not aim to be. I aim for sustainable efforts & the long-game vision.

With this improvement season there’s been so much that’s been unpredictable or gone different than I expected or than I’d think but it’s taught me not to cling to results as though my life depends on it.

Whether that’s a certain body size or shape, or how far I can run.

These things matter to me but they don’t deserve to consume me.

Instead I am focused on the way my passion for this life & the work I do & the daily efforts to getting where I want to go.

I’m still learning, we always will learn in this sport, but that’s a gift. The more opportunities we have to learn, the better we get.


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