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Are You Ready to Start a Prep?

August 18, 20211 min read

Are You Ready to Start a Prep?

Before starting a prep there are MANY variables to consider.

From a physical perspective there’s a lot you’ll want to have in check of course! But mentally, we all know this is a huge commitment!

Being on the fence about starting a prep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one or that you should force it until it feels right, it just means there needs to be a magnifying glass taken to where your head is at.

While this mini flow chart only depicts a small fraction of mental considerations I do hope you found it helpful!

I think it is easy to overlook our abilities, needs, or thoughts in an effort to do what we think we “should” do. But this never results in a satisfied or rewarding ending.

Staying on top of your mental health and checking In with if you’re why still aligns with you, if you are feeling good about the steps you’re taking, if things are being neglected, if you’re following through on your standards, if those standards are realistic and so on…are also important

If you’re wanting more awareness, support, and guidance through the mental demands every season of bodybuilding can bring, visit for a full platform of at your fingertips information when you need it!

For other ways we can work together on some of those sticking points of resistance that require inner work, you can DM me anytime @celestial_fit or inquire to work with me through the link in my bio which also contains lots of resources, too!

So, Where did the path take you?


Celeste Rains-Turk

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