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Audra Shares Her Journey to Overcoming Post-Show Binging & Transforming her Relationship with Food

October 29, 20194 min read

Audra has been facing binge-eating behavior related issues for years which surfaced even more post-show after her bikini competition this past July.  After a couple of months of binge eating behaviors that spiraled out of control putting her in a dark place of frustration with herself, she finally decided to reach out to me for help. She has been competing for 6 years with a major passion for the sport and didn't want this to get in the way of her success. Audra wanted to know she could still be a competitor and have a healthy relationship with food. 

Audra felt like she had gotten to the point where she felt so out of control where she wouldn't be able to stop eating when she would start and I remember her telling me how out of body it felt. 

​At first, I was a little hesitant, I could tell she had a deep desire to change but there was reservation in her demeanor over if it was actually possible for her to make peace--which is usually how people feel when they come to me because these types of issues can and do feel all-consuming. 

She expressed to me that no matter what coping mechanisms she tried, they ran the course and never seemed to work anymore. She literally felt this overwhelming difficulty in shifting her reality that left her feeling hopeless. 

When we started working together, as she mentions in her experience video, there were some, what she calls 'slip ups' although I always see these as MILESTONES because they help her, and myself, to see what's REALLY happening, when it is happening, and helps me as a coach to identify patterns as well as immediately guide her through the situation since the girls in my program have 24/7 access to me. 

She says, "This program has dramatically improved my life. It's made me incredibly self-aware of why I had the problems, where they're coming from, how to combat them, how to think about them, and how to get a better relationship with food." As you continue to watch the video you will also hear her discuss what it was like to FINALLY let go of the 'good v bad' labels as well as the discontinuing of her post-binge punishments like excess cardio and restricting food. 

While myself and she have decided not to share EVERY facet of her experience, issues, and the journey she went on to overcome them, I felt so inspired that she would even share as much as she has to help motivate other women who are dealing with this, especially competitors, to finally take action for themselves. 

Imagine being able to finally understand and address the issues that swarm in your mind endlessly around food, eating, and decision making. 

What would it mean to you to be able to be so self-aware that before you resort to self-destructive habits you can pull out your toolbox of action steps to immediately combat the potential sabotage?

How freeing would it be to know that even after months, or years, of struggling you actually can make peace like Audra has, when she thought she never would, to be able to enjoy all foods, feel a sense of control at family events, not feel bad about enjoying food, be able to be present in the moment without distractions of disordered thought patterns, to be able to go into situations with food and know that you won't have a cloud of darkness surrounding you?

Picture yourself finally having hope and optimism for the future with a completely fresh outlook on your lifestyle, food, your body, your choices, your mindset, and no longer falling into the stigma that bodybuilding causes more problems than it solves.

Yes, this is ALL possible, and these are the exact reasons Audra decided to share her experience and references each of these in her video to happily recommend the program to anyone who is struggling so that they, YOU, know that there IS something out there that DOES work and all it takes is reaching out for help.

To apply to work with me in my 5 Week Food Relationship Healing and Discovery Journal & 1:1 Coaching Program please click HERE. I will personally respond to your inquiry within 24 hours with whether or not I feel I can help you or to clarify any questions I may have from reading your application

Please Note--no one else reads them and they are entirely confidential. The only pieces of your journey I share with others are the pieces you give me permission to or publicly speak about yourself. All else is 100% confidential and private. I take pride in the work I do and will always put my clients privacy and peace of mind first.


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