Bambody Treat is LIVE!

June 14, 20211 min read


My very own @bambodynutrition babe treat comes out and I hope it satisfies your dreams as it has mine.

If you know me you know I’m a sucker for cookies and pbj. In fact, I once got in trouble when I was making pb&j sandwiches at a homeless shelter for putting too much filling.

My ratios are a bit ridiculous I’ll admit. And there’s really only one other person who has ever truly appreciated my execution of the delicacy that is a PB&J.

I sent @_brownie_boss a long list of treat ideas and we decided to go with this one.

A cookie and a loaf were born and both are incredibly satisfying.

I actually love the cookie warmed up too!!

Order some on June 14th to see what I’m talking about and let me know what you think!

I thought eating bambody was best thing that could happen then being part of the bam fam happened and I thought wow it can’t get better then I got a treat made for me and I’m blown away.

You can use my discount code “Present” all of June at to save money on your order too🥰 I get paid in bambody which is as good as it gets😍

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