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Becoming the Next Level Version of Yourself

May 10, 20192 min read


If it even crosses your mind that you want to or should improve in an area of your life, it means that a part of you is waking up.

Honor that version of yourself and step it up!

As that higher version of yourself is awakening you’ll be faced with many challenges

You’ll question if it’s really for you, if you’re actually capable, and if it will last at all

But when you can see those challenges as a test you’ll be more likely to face them with ease

Afterall, It is testing you to see how serious you are about becoming a better version of yourself

That’s when it’s even more important to believe that NO MATTER WHAT, you are ALL IN

There will be times when the old version of you wants to come out and try to pull you back

Love that version of yourself because she showed you there’s more for you

But then remember that you are constantly evolving and it is safe to let her go

Those old stories, behaviors, and thoughts only come up as a result of fear

And when we are scared our brain tells us “GO BACK, WRONG WAY, it’s not safe here!” 

But we know, sooo deeply, that this is the change that’s necessary to bring us even closer to the life we desire

It doesn’t mean you have to change everything all at once

But if before you choose to do something you Ask yourself;

“is this in alignment with the next level version of me?”

Or “what would the best version of me do right now?”

You’ll know to Only move forward if the answer is YES! Or You’ll have the next best step!

Whether that’s becoming a pro athlete, letting go of people, going to an event, quitting a job, writing a book, starting a business, or literally just becoming a person who makes their bed everyday and never leaves a laundry basket full for more than 2 days...

This all applies

I’d love to know, what’s the next level version of you doing right now?

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