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Beware of the Infectiousness of Others' Limiting Beliefs

June 02, 20191 min read


Don’t let others use their ‘age, wisdom, & experience’ as a platform to infect you with their limiting beliefs

That’s the lesson they chose to learn, but not the only lesson they could have learned

Be hyper aware of where the things people are teaching you or imparting on you are truly coming from

Sometimes there are hard truths yes, so we can’t be totally naive or closed off to hearing others experiences

It can be quite revealing and helpful and cut down a lot of the trial and error for us!

But we also must be strong & see that we have a lot of untapped potential and ability to change the norm and create new stories

Imagine living by the limiting beliefs of others for the rest of your life!

How much love, fun, success, and opportunity you’d miss out on! You deserve better than that

What limiting beliefs have others tried to give to you but you refused to take on?

Or were there some you did take on as your own only to realize later you had the power/needed to change them?

Let’s talk about this ⬇️

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