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Body Image Healing Practice

May 29, 20192 min read


This isn’t a foreign topic to the worlds of bodybuilding & fitness

Many people who appear to have the best physiques, confidence, or discipline struggle w/ their body image

It’s not widely addressed bc sweeping it under the rug as ‘normal’ is so much easier to do

But I don’t go for that

How you perceive your body & feel in your skin has demonstrated in studies to influence our daily life

While earning my degree in psychology I had to review existing research as well as propose new research

Body image being 1

I’ve helped 100s of women over the last 4 yrs to improve theirs & 1 practice that I’ve guided them through has been VERY effective

I combined psychology, personal development, mindfulness, meditation, & other methods to create this

Here’s the gist:
Lie down & perform a body scan

Tense up your body 3x & release each time w/ the intention to tune into yourself

Then for each body part from head to toe say “I love you” 1 at a time “I love you tummy, I love you arms, I love you__”

Notice where resistance comes up but don’t fight it just take note

Once you complete it go back to the areas where you felt the most resistance

Think of 1+ things that you can choose to love/appreciate about this part of your body

Then go through each again including the reason

Ex: “I love u tummy, thank u for breaking down so many nutrients for me so I can perform & function. TY for going through so many seasons with me, I ❤️u”


This works because of a few reasons:

➡️Connection to self & body

➡️Identification of functions of body to detach from physical appearance related distress

➡️Increases awareness so when you find yourself hating these parts of you you’ll be anchored into why these parts of you are awesome

➡️Personal declarations

Of course this doesn’t address every facet of body image, but it’s a great ritual & can show you where you need more healing


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