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Body Image & Improvement Season

January 18, 20232 min read



➡️ How your body is serving you each day

➡️ What your body feels like on a consistent basis

➡️ Ways your body functions to support your life values and the things or people you care about most

➡️ How you can support the health and longevity of your body

➡️ What your body’s language is when she reacts, responds, behaves to stimuli (of all kind not just physical)

➡️ All your body has been through with you and all you’re preparing her to endure with you

➡️ The ways you are winning and showing up in your life that have nothing to do with your shape

➡️ Testing new variables so in prep you have even more data and insight to work off of

➡️ Relieving stress and demand on the body and how this is benefiting your overall well-being

➡️ Improved functions and support systems of your body

➡️ Energy, strength, effort

➡️ Simple pleasures / little things your body gets to allow you to experience (hand holding, a hug, watching a comedy, feeling music beat in your chest, smell of a flower, a fuzzy blanket)

➡️ This body deserves thanks and praises now because she is building the next champion version of you

➡️ Time is limited and life is unpredictable. You’re always evolving and your body evolves with you so you can experience the ups and downs

What are some things you can or do focus on in your improvement season to support your body image? Or which of these will you start doing?

PS this This chest pump was brought to you by an AMRAP bench set of 90lbs for 13 reps definitely was my best amrap yet and one thing I’m proud of my body for and which helped me say thank you for the improvement season gains!💪🏻

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