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Bodybuilding and Mental Health; Reposted Interview from Dr. Eileen Shin's IGTV Series

October 14, 20201 min read

Have you seen this interview on Dr. Eileen Shin’s IGTV? 

I was so grateful for this opportunity to connect with such a caring and powerful woman with so many amazing questions and passion behind them!

I was given the chance to share some of my story, my philosophies, visions, as well as my education!

I am really glad we got to touch on so many different topics that all really compliment and support one another

There are so many things which contribute to us being who we are and experiencing life and our struggles the way we do

We got to scratch the surface in some realms and dig deeper in others! I do hope you love it

Reposted Caption From Dr. Eileen's IGTV:

“Bodybuilding and Mental Health
Oooh where does one begin?? I had the privilege of chatting with Celeste Rains-Turk who is an author, bikini competitor, mindset mentor and podcast host of one of my favorite podcasts “Confessions of a Bikini Pro.”

In this juicy conversation, we hit all the hard topics:

  • what does body positivity really mean?

  • how to foster a healthy relationship with food?

  • understating cultural perspective on healthy eating and “dieting”

  • redefining your own identity from a place of self love and healthy body image

  • how to replace negative associations and coping mechanisms around food with healthier ones

  • her own fitness journey and how she is driven to do what she does today!

There are some pain points here but I think you will learn so much from it as I have! Everything on the table, just connecting and understanding the challenges many teenagers and women face every day.”

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts

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