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Bringing Mindfulness to Competition Prep

July 26, 20201 min read

 Bringing Mindfulness to Competition Prep

Many competitors deny their body of any communication, respect, honoring, or loving by just going on autopilot following a plan or neglecting to bring any level of mindfulness to their programming

But this generally leads to going through the motions which means being less intentional and of course connected during training, meals, & even posing presentation

This weakens your work ethic, understanding of your body’s needs long-term (goodbye to any longevity in the sport), connection to your deeper why, and ability to perform at your best

Being mindful during prep and improvement season isn’t just about peace of mind or stress reduction...

It’s about being present enough in every action you take to truly become the ELITE athlete you are striving to be

What are you going to do to bring mindfulness into your day today? How will this influence your results as an athlete?

Comment below with 1 thing you’re committed to bringing mindfulness to!

Let’s all inspire each other to turn our focus inwards so we can create more results outwards

If you’re looking for an idea, I did a free live workshop on endless mindless snacking through well mindfulness of course among many other tools and considerations I share in the workshop to help you

You can watch it for free at or messaging me and I’ll send to you direct💆🏻‍♀️

PS these are check ins from last week😊 still trucking along 5 weeks out today! I do lots of updates on my Instagram story (celestial_fit)

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