Build More than Just a Body Live Event in August!

June 10, 20211 min read


Can’t wait to do this again in August🎊😍

This is your last chance to join me and other female athletes at the Build More than Just a Body Live event

The event will be held on august 28th with a VIP weekend ticket option that continues into day 2’s very immersive experience

Here’s what we are covering:
➡️Establish a Healthy Relationship with Food to Serve you in Any Season
➡️Learn & Develop Mindset Tools Necessary to Establish Your Champion Mentality
➡️Body Image Healing and Self-Love
➡️How to Combine Psychology & Personal Development so You Can Have the Most Fulfilling Preps, Improvement Seasons, and Lifestyle altogether
➡️and more ;)

If you’d like to lock in your spot, visit

There are 4 Regular tickets left for you to swoop up! After this month ticket prices will go up but i honestly don’t think any will be left as i just opened up these 4 as extra since we have the space for it at the famous @contestprepcenter 🤩🥰

Feel free to DM me with any questions you have @celestial_fit or review the FAQ section on

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