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Build Yourself Up!

January 01, 20231 min read


Build yourself up❤️ we are beyond capable of even our wildest dreams.

I love every day that I live because it’s a new opportunity. In running my own business I’ve learned nothing is promised or guaranteed but showing up every day for a single mission and purpose is fulfilling. As an athlete I’ve learned that the best part of competing is the never ending list of ways to improve and be better—to know even at your best you can still strive for more because each best is setting you up for your next.

And as a woman, I’m learning more and more each day and year and passing moment that I truly am beyond worthy of what I want, deserving of what I desire, and capable of committing to what I’m creating. This mantra is one I’ve repeated for years and I will continue to. Whatever your vision is for yourself, trust that even when it’s threatened or something happens to make you question what you want or are worthy of, you can overcome anything and difficulty is not tearing you down but rather building your resilience.

While we all might wish in the darkest of times to fast forward to the end and see how it all unfolds, we also all thrive in the light of pursuit and trust and presence in what is now.

​I hope in your pursuit of your dreams and striving for more you also slow down and enjoy what IS (note to self)

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