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Burger and Fries on Prep!? Say No More

February 27, 20202 min read


Sinking my teeth into a burger and sweet potato fries savoring every bite!

Just as I do with all my food

But this just a little bit more

Ok a lot more savoring was done

But let me tell you, I competed August 2017-September 2018 and for the preps for all those shows I never got one refeed meal

I also didn’t complain to my coach about it or ask

Because I just commit to the process and do what I’m told by my coach who I trust, and who knows my body & continues to learn it

To be honest, when I got a “free” meal a few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it!

Then I thought well that’ll prob be the first and last and even had some anxiety like “how do I do this, did i do it right?” Lol!

Then got a burger with fries on my plan this week!!! You can imagine my surprise!

I don’t question chicken n veg or rice cakes and pb and I don’t question refeeds

There are no good or bad foods just foods that support my body, goals, and mind or don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️
Bodybuilding gives us an opportunity to see how manipulating our diet actually impacts alllllll aspects of our life ONLY if we are willing to come off of autopilot and TUNE IN!

This is also what helps us come down from preps more smoothly because we can carry mindfulness from our prep into a reverse diet phase

I get excited about changes to my plan as a whole no matter how they look though because it means I get to evolve & be challenged or supported in new ways!

At the end of the day, it’s all worth celebrating, being grateful for, and acknowledging food as an awesome gift and fuel for my body, goals and my mind too!

I love seeing how different this prep has been from previous ones! It’s been really interesting and exciting for me

Regardless, gotta feed this body that I put through the ringer daily! And of course the muscles I worked so hard to build!

Let’s see how this impacts fridays check ins😋🤩 I love learning about my body in this process! Don’t you?!

Ps... I’m curious, Are you a sweet potato fries or a regular fries person? Comment below!
#teamsweetpotatofries all day for me while Robbie usually goes for #teamfrenchfries 🧐

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