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Celebrating my 24th Birthday; a Personal Reflection

December 06, 20202 min read


I am so grateful to be celebrating another year of life.

One with peace in my heart, happiness and excitement for every day, new lessons to apply, and so much love.

This year has been one for many life, business, and personal milestones.

I’ve proven so much to myself and continue to
Each day seems to bring up and out more and more of what matters to me
I’m living a life satisfying my values of impact, freedom, and love which really couldn’t be any more fulfilling.

I have conquered many inner and outer challenges, taken on new opportunities, grown my business, expanded my podcast, and made more contribution even when it was difficult to.

I’ve upheld my goals and intentions while also creating new ones and letting some morph into what they were always meant to be.

I did have some doubt heading into this birthday.

Like I’m 24 so now I’m older and my accomplishments or achievements no longer seem as grand or as impressive.

But this thought has been addressed with my awareness to the fact that I am continuing to grow in so many ways and in my own defined identity standards.

I am damn proud of all that I’ve accomplished not just in the last 24 years but even in the last 24 hours.

Every day I accomplish what I set out to and that to me is all the validation I need.

Because all that I set out to do is what I love, what helps others, and what makes me feel most free as I build this incredible life I am living.

I am so happy I have honored this go getter within me because she has so much left to go and get.

And I’m so glad I never gave up on myself because now I can’t imagine a life not worth living.

All life is precious and valuable and every birthday I am reminded of this truth and the blessings I have.

I am surrounded by the most amazing people, supported by incredible souls globally, and am constantly reminded of the power that comes when we #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

Thank you for all the amazing birthday love and wishes. Means so much to me

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