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Celebrating my Success without the Stage Today

April 04, 20202 min read


Today would have been show day for me!

I had plans, like many athletes, to show up and compete! But plans change & even if we don’t have control of that change we can shift our perspective on it

I took these check-ins yesterday & it’s been about 3 weeks of reversing with the goal of keeping conditioning

My body has just continued to respond to adjustments which makes this an excellent time to LEARN & test things

More data for me & my coach! 

I have so much pride and excitement seeing this because not only did I build this body but I am keeping her, supporting her, loving her, and progressing WITH her

It is empowering and freeing to know that because I’ve taken & continue to take the time to BUILD MORE THAN JUST A BODY that my mind is working with me to fully do my best for her

When I look in the mirror I don’t just see a physique I love and which is ever evolving. Reflected back is my work ethic, drive, commitment, & even vision!

I can be proud of myself and my efforts before I judge myself, a number on the scale, or visible lines on my body—that’s Winning

Above all else I see a woman who stands up for herself, her health, her growth, & her goals no matter what that means!

None of us need a show or the stage to prove that or feel that. But when it’s time to step on stage, it’ll be game time! We’ll be more than ready, hungry to succeed, & prepared to perform!

Celebrate yourself today!!! Especially if you had plans to compete, choose to recognize how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go!

This is all a blessing & it’s happening for a reason!! When you see it this way and believe in this, you can make it this way!

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