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Clear out the food clutter!

May 14, 20212 min read


I understand the demands of being a competitor, an athlete, and a person in the fitness world.

I remember when I thought I had to give up competing, bash it on social media, and never eat a prepped meal again to “heal” my relationship with food.

Then I realized this is a surface level problem to a much deeper problem.

Seemed to be the trend of my fitness journey...but then I found that the freedom I was looking for was not as much about food or protocol or goals as it was about intention, thought patterns, and identity.

Over the years of facing my own trials with disordered eating, post show rebounds, and using fitness as a means to hide from the darkness that I felt from my inner troubles, I learned that what I really needed was to #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY.

Immersing in my own personal development journey wasn’t enough though. I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology so I could offer more psycho educational support in my process (and because it fascinated me so much) and I’ve since gone on to my clinical mental health counseling degree.

All of this to accomplish my mission of helping athletes, competitors, and others on their fitness journey to have their most fulfilling and empowering seasons.

When your head is cluttered with thoughts of food, eating, or guilt, you have less energy to invest into the goals you truly care about.

In my free food relationship coaching program you’ll get 8 in depth workshops and you’ll receive daily support from me (which people have thought I’m crazy for but I love this stuff so I’m here for you to offer feedback and support if you choose to take advantage of it) plus you’ll get some bonus content offered throughout if you stick it out!

You can learn more and start the program now at

wait to support you! If you have any questions, let me know!

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