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Clearing the Mental Fog that Limits our Vision of Ourselves

June 03, 20192 min read

 Clearing the Mental Fog that Limits our Vision of Ourselves

Have you ever looked in the mirror & not recognized yourself?

Thinking things like:
How did I get so fat?
Why did I let this happen?
What happened to me?
I don’t even look like I compete or workout!

I have. It sucks to not like what you see in the mirror

Especially because it reflects the things you haven’t been loving about yourself

Like the decisions you’re making with food or the way you‘re feeling about the gym or just doing things so ‘out of character’

I discovered something life changing in my self-loathing

No matter what you look like, it is easier to love yourself & your body when you LOVE yourself through actions

When I’m accomplishing goals, being mindful, nourishing & moving my body with intention, etc.

It makes it so much easier to see a reflection I Love in the mirror

It really isn’t all about the shape of our body

When we know the action we’re taking supports our goals, we can love the present version of ourselves more for supporting our big vision

It can feel like fog is in front of our eyes distorting our view of ourselves

How could I go from feeling like a kickass competitor to feeling like a big fluff?

Even when we know we aren’t, sometimes we feel this way due to the 1 or 2 things that are ‘off’

Mental fog showed up:
When I was binging I didn’t Love myself as much bc I felt I didn’t know myself or could control myself
When I was doing extra cardio or restricting food to try & get back to normal
When I was sneaking bites of food in private to fill the void in my life that I was no longer who I committed to being
When I equated my success & worth to numbers on the scale or %s

But, What clears fog? Heat

How does love, acceptance, & peace feel? Warm

So what did I do to now Love what I clearly see in the mirror?

Filled myself up with more love & acceptance through a whole lot of peace making

Peace with food, my body, & my goals

Which has fueled my mission to help other bikini competitors do the same using my signature PTG Process

Contact me to chat on what’s going on for you, come up with an action plan, determine if we’re a good fit to execute on it together, & move fwd from there with how that will look

Celeste Rains-Turk

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