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Committing to your Offseason

August 05, 20211 min read


Happiness is walking on and off stage knowing you gave everything you could to your prep.

It’s never going to be perfect but when you follow through on your commitments and uphold next level standards for yourself, you will feel pride!

The stage is an amazing place for competitors to showcase their craft but every competitor knows it’s not the attachment or need for the stage that keeps us going but rather knowing we can always do more and be better.

I’m so excited to step on stage again and I really miss it but I know how important this season of growth is because at my last show, pictured here, I was just too small!

But it’s okay because I’m loving growing season and have no doubt that whenever I step on stage again will be with great timing.

I don’t need a perfect road map of show dates right this minute to know I’ll get where I’m going since every day I focus on my goals!

When you walk of stage, focus on improvements but draw from the successes you had along the way, too.

Instead of saying I failed this prep you might say I can improve in these ways, keep nailing this, and use the strength I got from xyz to fuel the growth needed in abc.

I’m curious, how do you know when you’ve given your all or how do you determine that? What are you focused on improving right now?


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