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COMMON TRIGGERS FOR OVEREATING (especially as a bikini competitor)

March 10, 20192 min read

COMMON TRIGGERS FOR OVEREATING (especially as a bikini competitor)

Believe it or not, most of the reasons why competitors end up going into what feels like a bingefests is due to food scarcity thought patterns!

The more you think about those things I listed...THE MORE YOU WANT TO GO AGAINST THEM!

It’s like a “one last hoorah!” to your mind

How many times have you told yourself something like this & it sends you off into a blind rampage of eating ALL the things?!

Think of last time you stepped off stage and just went ham on foods because it had been a long time & “reverse diet starts Monday!!!”

Next thing you know, It feels like it’s completely out of your control & you can’t even stop yourself!

Or you just constantly think about the food and hope you don’t “give in” again

Or you eat something off your plan or over your macros and can’t stop reaching for more, then feel meh about yourself?

The problem isn’t the food at all.

In fact, we are the ones who give the foods a label which gives it power over us!

A lot of what we think will help us actually ends up destroying our ability to just feel at peace around food or let the thoughts go!

The last supper mindset perpetuates this ‘all or nothing’ ness that’s usually only present when we are on prep. & as soon as we think of returning there we feel like we have to have it all!!!

The one thing that will ACTUALLY free you from all of this is the one thing most competitors won’t do...


Letting go of the rules, restrictions, & scarcity mindset & You’ll discover that:

👉🏻The cake & cookies doesn’t sound as appetizing when it’s always on the menu

👉🏻Foods she really wants.

👉🏻Listening to your body becomes easier

👉🏻”Over” eating/indulging/doing it becomes a thing of the past because you don’t have anything telling you you will “NEVER have this again”

👉🏻Guilt disappears as your identity is no longer driven by “can haves” or “can’t haves”

I still have 5 spots left for my new beta test program for bikini competitors who are struggling with their relationship to food.

If ANY of this resonated with you or is something you want to free yourself from then comment “BETA” below and I’ll send you the details💝

Celeste Rains-Turk

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