Competing Because I Love It! Discussing Preps with my Coach

July 21, 20192 min read


Discussions of cutting have begun with my coach

I’m very happy with the plans in place right now and I’m in no rush to begin because I trust that it’ll all happen as it is meant to

The goal is really to slowly bring down body fat and weight then allow body to adapt and then pick up again

This is to avoid any health repercussions and really stay on top of making this more sustainable for me

I have been thoroughly enjoying the building phase and honestly feel I could just be here happily forever

But I also take that as a massive win. Knowing I’m going to go into a prep with a healthy mindset

Not to change my body but to do something I love to do and give my body new normals

I have had some anxiety over if I have gained any muscle, if I got the most out of this improvement season, if my body is going to support me through a prep and so on

But I remind myself how much I’ve been working for my health, for my muscles to grow, and for my inner peace

I feel and see muscles and shape I hadn’t before but also know I have a long journey ahead

Good news is I enjoy this and it won’t be terribly different than how I am already living

I want to find a place where my body is lower body fat and I feel lighter but still have optimally functioning inner health

I know it’s possible but patience is required

Luckily I’ve been forced to practice that in the past year and will continue to do so

I don’t want to get lean as fast as possible

I want to learn, find new balance, reset my body, continue to adapt, and truly find a place where I can be healthy along the way that is also sustainable for me and supports future seasons and off seasons

I am excited to see the muscles pop yet again and hopefully be much bigger and better than this pic

I have found myself in full trust of the process with complete detachment from the outcome

I know I’ll be on stage again, but I am not attached to when or how that will unfold which makes this journey more about ME & less about seeking validation or chasing anything

I’m doing this because I love it

It’s not always about the “perfect” reverse or the “perfect” prep

It’s about what you do with your situation that really counts

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