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Creating Space in Your Life for All That You Desire

January 23, 20201 min read


Creating space can be more powerful than always doing doing doing
Sometimes we’ve done all that we need to do but we have left no room in our lives for what we have worked for to come through
You know when you walk up to an elevator and the door opens as though it’s ready to receive you but it’s jam packed with people so you can’t even get in?
The elevator’s missing function is knowing how much space there actually is to do it’s one job
So you, the one thing the elevator “wants” to transport, can’t get on yet
You may end up waiting and jumping on or you’ll take the stairs afterall
Then the elevator comes back like “wait where’d you go?”

You can’t expect opportunities or success or people to come into your life when you aren’t prepared to receive those things
Creating space might look like clearing a shelf for new trophies, donating old clothing, setting boundaries with people in your life currently, letting go of something you’ve been holding onto but is ultimately not serving you
All of this is a way of saying, “ok I’m finally ready to receive and I have the space to do so”

Maybe it’s clearing a small space in a drawer for a future relationship or depositing money in the bank so your wallet is ready to take in more or it could be quitting a job to allow for more time in your business or with family or it could be taking things off your to do list and delegating so you have more creative space
Regardless of what it looks like, creating space can help you feel open and able to receive a new reality!

How can you make space today?👇🏻

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