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"Dear Body, Thank You For ___"

July 15, 20191 min read


The more gratitude we have for allllll the ways our body works for us, the more we become naturally inspired to take care of it!
Our body is the home for our soul. It is both separate from us and part of us
Neglecting it is neglecting yourself
Comment your dear body, thank you for ___ statement below!
Think of all the ways your body supports you in your life!
If you need any examples, I shared a little letter I wrote to my body a few years ago today that still holds true and inspired this post
“Dear body,
Thank you... for carrying me throughout life and doing the best you can with everything that I throw at you
Thank you for keeping me healthy and safe
Thank you for allowing me to be free
I always knew I could be free within you if I let go of the blocks and limits I built for myself within my mind
I knew I could love you in all your forms and express that love through mindful living
I always loved the way you supported and continue to support me in my journey
This space is so beautiful
Thank you for giving me this human experience
Sincerely, the soul you house💖”
Comment a statement for your body below!

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