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Do it for the love of the game

December 08, 20211 min read

Do it for the love of the game

Competitors, please don’t do what you do every day because it’ll get you to the stage or looking a certain way.

Do it for the love of the game.

Do it because…

✨it makes you feel amazing
✨It is a habit
✨you would do it even if competing wasn’t a thing
✨it brings value and meaning to the things and people of value and meaning in your life
✨you’re life is better because you execute on it
✨you are fulfilled and at peace internally already and this elevates your experience
✨when you do it you’re a better version of yourself
✨your why transcends physical validations or manifestations of results

An athlete with purpose, who truly soaks in every moment they get to play their game, is a successful athlete. Not because they win more or have more longevity, but because they truly enjoy the execution.

I don’t mean to sound preachy or tell you that this is how you “should” be. But It is worth noting that burnout is correlated to lack of meaning and purpose…so when there is emphasis on “finding your why” it is because without it, the journey and the reward may feel less empowering.

Show up for yourself to fulfill yourself and your values in some way, not to run from anything or prove something to someone or seek shiny objects.

Step by step:
➡️Identify your values
➡️Connect them to your goals
➡️Focus on the benefits of every action you take that moves the needle forward
➡️Celebrate progress
➡️Re-evaluate & Repeat

Need help with the inner demands of the sport? I have tons of free resources and you may even consider checking out the on-demand mindset coaching platform for competitors (it’s basically an interactive Netflix for athletes who want to uplevel their mindset)


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