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Does it work?

October 12, 20232 min read

does it work

Rather than being the only one to encourage you to work with me, I thought I'd share this sweet comment my old client tagged me in in a Facebook group where another competitor was expressing some of their own struggles post-show

While I don't just work with competitors post-show, & often work with athletes during their prep too to set them up for long-term success and a prep they are proud of, a lot of people find all those struggles come to the surface after prep

Post-show presents many unique psychological challenges to athletes

I launched my mental health services into the competition world to provide competitors a safe place to pursue their goals AND make peace with food WITHOUT going through common therapy that:
❌ Doesn't focus on the person's needs as much as they fixate on the problem
❌ Tells athletes to give up competing or dieting altogether
❌ Makes you explain and defend your lifestyle choices
❌ Seems to never truly 'get it' when you explain why you do this
❌ Immediately resorts to developing a treatment plan based on your past instead of meeting you where you're at to work through the current struggles you face daily & address your mental health history
❌Only talks to you when you go in for a session and no support or resource is provided between sessions with direct feedback as you go

No, not all therapists or mental health professionals are like this! & YES I encourage my clients to see a therapist too for other needs if they ask me!

But, the truth is that many people come to me expressing that this has been their experience

No wonder athletes avoid seeking help. Not only are they high performers who feel they 'should figure it out on their own' but when they do finally go get help they feel like they now have to give up an entire part of their identity

I am here to help you have BOTH!

Not everyone wants both or will even end up staying in this lifestyle... but at least give yourself the choice if you want to continue to pursue your goals in this sport

And if you don't, it's important to set yourself up for success as you transition more to 'normal life' post-competing

Let's #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY visit @celestial_fit bio link or DM me ❤️

Celeste Rains-Turk

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