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Does Taking Care of Yourself Make you Feel Awesome?

March 27, 20191 min read


When was the last time you felt absolutely amazed by yourself when you looked in the mirror?

What made you feel so amazing?

How can you bring even more of that same energy to your current circumstances?

For me, I always feel better about how I look when I know I’m taking positive actions toward my goals with the things I can absolutely control.

Food I eat, intensity in training, mindset work, rest, & of course drinking water!

I find that one of the quickest ways I get myself feeling more “awesome” is by drinking water & taking my vitamins!

Such simple ways to set yourself up for success as you start off on the right foot!

One little habit repeated over and over again becomes more like first nature.

That’s why prepping my water and carrying my Hydration Junkie Transporter jug with me everywhere has become a non-negotiable!

(Which if you want one of these jugs I have a link to it in my bio list of buttons just use my code celeste10 at

what those things are for you and use them to get back to a state of feeling absolutely AMAZING about yourself!

It could even be going for a massage or getting your hair done! Like Darah Diaz shared on my confessions of a bikini pro podcast!

Sometimes it’s less about how you look and why you feel the way you do about how you look!

Take care of yourself and set positive intentions for your day!

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