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Don't Miss Out on Life Because You Are Ashamed of Your Body

July 17, 20192 min read


One of the worst feelings is being so ashamed of your body that you cover up & miss experiences that would be amazing

I’ve been there though. There were days I would instantly wrap up in a towel or jump in the pool before people could see me

I used to sit in a towel by the pool or not even go in

I was also made fun of for my size as a kid & it stuck with me

I was called fat names that I carried with me into young adulthood

I told myself stories like if I wasn’t super lean with a flat stomach or muscles showing then I wasn’t good enough to be seen

I used to feel like my body wasn’t aligned to my identity because my definition of the identity was based on expectations I was not ready to fulfill yet

When I got really into fitness I thought I had to live up to others expectations

Like all the girls on social media who represent fitness I thought unless I look like them then people will think I’m a fraud or a bad trainer or not fit enough to do bikini comps

I thought I was supposed to be “the fit one” so I couldn’t have any extra body fat or a bigger waist or legs

Or even after a show going from super lean to get in the pool with friends & be like yep so Im not that lean anymore

But this isn’t something I deal with as much anymore. Thoughts cross my mind sometimes but I now know how to move through it

Even taking this pic wasn’t about my body it was to document the experience

Which I enjoyed happily in a bikini as a personal development coach, as a trainer, & oh ya as a HUMAN BEING

We are many things all at once

I am someone who is healthy, cares about & for my body, but also recognizes that life is so much more enjoyable w/o always worrying about how I look or if everyone is going to think I look ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’

Funnily enough, the people who truly LOVE & care about me just get so excited about me being healthy, happy, & living my purpose

Everyone else’s opinion or thoughts are unknown unless said. If you think someone is thinking something about you it’s a reflection of your own beliefs & thoughts of yourself

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