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Embracing Growth

March 12, 20231 min read

Embracing Growth

Is it the @prozis @prozisusa pants or the booty gains? Probably both😂👀 but I’m proud of the growth 🙌🏻

We have actually been doing only one lower body day per week and mainly focused on upper body growth because it needs to catch up it has been

I love love love improvement season. I love the murves (muscle & curves), strength, ability to test and try new things, and growth in every area of life

It is a test of showing up and having faith in what you’re building every day even when you can’t see it because when you get to your prep, it’s not just the physique that is revealed but it’s also the work

We work day in and day out to be even 1% better and there’s something truly beautiful about that in this sport

We love the process and the work so much that we can celebrate and really embody the patience required to get where we wanna go

I always say, “why rush when you can relish?” RELISH in the season you’re in, you work too hard not to and every season serves a purpose👏🏻🫶🏼
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