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End Comparison! Own Your Natural and Unposed Body Without Worrying How Other Competitors Look

December 08, 20192 min read

 End Comparison! Own Your Natural and Unposed Body Without Worrying How Other Competitors Look

Have you been guilty of comparing your day to day look to the posed bodies of other athletes or even your old posed self?

I myself have forgotten that they too have to stand in front of the camera for their mug shot style check ins

Most of us don’t share the “non-flex” photos where we aren’t hitting our poses & there’s nothing wrong with showing your best sides especially when, let’s be real, on stage you’re going to be posing

BUT sometimes we need a reality check

All these pics were taken within seconds of each other & I love how I look in all of them

But naturally I prefer the posed ones because it highlights the work I’ve been putting in even more

The reality is, I live in the unflexed body 99% of the time so why wouldn’t I LOVE this body too?

You’re probably always going to like the posed look better

So most of what you see or compare yourself to will also be posed

But make sure you’re using fair play & not just comparing your fresh out of bed body to someone’s perfectly peaked physique

Your body is going to continue to change with the actions you take

So just keep moving forward! Because the more you love & embrace ALL the ways your body looks, the more you feel positive & motivated to continue your efforts
& Your unposed body is doing the majority of the work for you so that your posed body looks even better!

It’s not fair to you or the vehicle you live in that’s working hard to make your goals come to fruition to compare your unposed,no flex body to old photos of you from the stage, or peak week, or someone else’s gym flex

You’re not doing yourself any favors by only focusing on everyone’s highlights

Expose yourself to ALL of it & know that there are other competitors who, even if they don’t show the unflexed check in, have them in their camera roll

Rather than looking down on our unposed bodies we should be appreciating that that’s the body really showing up for us

We can take more responsibility to change the way we see an unposed body in this industry by becoming more confident in owning our own

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