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January 17, 20212 min read


I know how you feel, after a show, finally indulging & celebrating the end of an incredible prep.

You begin tasting all the delicious foods you have said ‘no’ to for months.

With all the restriction it’s euphoric remembering what donuts & cookies taste like.

You promise to get back on your reverse diet by Monday, & when the week rolls around you realize how many yummy options you have been ‘missing out’ on, saying no to, & avoiding.

Now you don’t ‘have to’ & find yourself overeating/indulging, eating more cake, participating in the work bagel breakfast, or going out on a date with your besties/bf/husband, finally!

But then, you’re mindlessly sneaking into the kitchen, snacking on the goodies you saved for after your show, eating quickly, hiding from others, & justifying it all in your head...

Promising to ‘do extra cardio’, ‘skip my next 5 meals that have a carb or fat in them’, ‘just finish them so they’re not around anymore’.

But It never stops.

You feel SO guilty for all those late night snacks, binge sessions, & eating yourself sick wondering ‘How did this happen?...I thought I was better than this...Why can’t I just get on track?!’

You feel like you’ll ‘never be the best athlete you can be & you think you are the worst bikini competitor that ever lived & everyone on social media is perfect but you just plain suck & can’t get your shit together’.

You see others eat the burgers, chocolate, veggies, oats... without seeming to gain the slightest amount of fat, guilt, or urges at all.

You wish you could do that too, eat without feeling guilty, with peace of mind, to eat & not feel like you need to punish yourself for it…

You can’t seem to get past it.

Well, STOP fighting ALONE.

You can get through it & I’m here to help you.

I built a free program to support you in the beginning stages of developing your ideal relationship with food.

I have helped 100s of athletes with their relationship with food & have no doubt this series can help you.

Whether you’re falling deep into negative patterns or want to prevent them...learn more about & enroll in the series at now.

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