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October 19, 20182 min read


Everyone talks about “finding balance” after a show but what does this even mean?

Just bc your competition season has ended, doesn’t mean you have to start eating all the processed foods.

Of course, if you want them & it’s not for filling an emotional void or bc of ‘restriction’, then ENJOY it.

I’m referring to this stigma that now that the shows are over, ‘you should eat more normal’.

Your normal is likely VERY different than the friends of yours who don’t compete.

Personally, I LOVE the taste of sweets & savories but my body HATES me for eating it in excess.

Sometimes I felt like I “had to order something fun” bc I didn’t want to be asked why I was ordering the chicken breast instead of the nachos. Then I’d be miserable bc I IGNORED my body’s needs bc I felt like I ‘had’ to.

It’s easy to fall into this, SO, the best thing we can do is define balance for ourselves.

To me, it means different cardio (lots more hiking), new exercises for fun, traveling, listening to my body & staying on point with my plan (I love eating the same thing every day but if you don’t, then find a structure that works for you & is aligned with your goals), & I take bites of things when I want them but I don’t feel the need to binge on food bc I see the quality being more important than the quantity.

If I find myself feeling guilty, then I do the internal work on those issues rather than hating myself; though I’ve definitely been there.

The point is, we need to remove the pressure to be ‘balanced’ based on others definition & begin defining ALL of life, on our own terms. After a show we must create; new intentions, goals, & perspectives. Does it support YOUR goals? How do YOU want to fee/functional?

What does YOUR body need?! Maybe you; start eating more for your gut health, joints, skin, brain, or choose to eat 75% on plan, or you say eff it & do what feels good for you for awhile, or you try fasting, new veggies, new cardio, or going out & flexing your intuition muscles.

MORE FLEXIBLE=LONGTERM BENEFITS MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY. Eat for enjoyment, fuel, muscle building, & FUNCTION; trust the process, take mental check-ins, & be comfortable with honoring your needs.

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