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Finding Gratitude in the Process as I Reflect Before my First National Show

December 11, 20201 min read


All checked in for my first national show!
Competing on Sunday at 12pm and 6pm here in Arizona on the @musclecontest stage😍🤩

So surreal to think I did my first show in 2015, muscle contest iron games actually, and now I’m here 5 years later doing my first national show.

Bodybuilding has been nothing but a blessing in my life as it’s revealed to me many areas that needed growth, healing, and self-love!

I’m so excited to finally hit the national circuit and go for the respected, coveted, and admired IFBB pro card that can truly only be earned—never given.

I am so excited to be saying YES to my goals as this year brought out a new level of myself and I’m excited to bring her out and celebrate her on stage.

Thank you all soooooul much for the love, support, kind words, and positive vibes.

I’ve enjoyed every day, moment, meal, workout, and posing session of this prep as this prep has been going on since summer 2019 in reality.

This morning I realized I have actually dropped just under 50lbs and I can’t even believe that... but weight aside There’s much more to celebrate shedding like old limiting beliefs, behaviors, patterns, identities, fears...

Feels good to be in alignment with my soul in every way.

I am full of gratitude. Now to kickback, relax, and eventually enjoy the show;)

Especially missing my boyfriend @robbiethelifter and @teamedge1coaches but so happy to be here with them in my heart, to meet amazing clients and podcast listeners and IG friends, and spend time with myself in celebration and focus more :)

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